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About Skymouse

Purpose drives passion.

We're no corporate fat cat.
We hate cats.

We get asked a lot: “Who’s your ideal client?” The answer is pretty simple. Our ideal client is an organization that wants to share their brand with their employees, clients and competitors.

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Why we do.

Marketing should be straight-forward.

You know that feeling you get when you see a pickup artist hitting on a girl from out of town? That's how we feel watching other marketing companies. We exist because we're tired of marketing agencies taking advantage of unsuspecting businesses.

We have a vision.

We'd love to see a world where every business can effectively communicate their unique talents and offerings to the marketplace.

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What we do.

Focus on the ONE thing.

You know what’s hard? Admitting who isn’t your customer. Dropping your highest revenue customer because they don't align with the vision of your brand. Teaching your company why you exist and why the marketplace should care.

We partner with companies who are ready to make the tough choices to see their business flourish like never before.

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How we do.

Getting things done.

While Sleazy Marketing LLC is explaining the psychological impact of Helvetica Light Augmented Arial Bold Universal Typeface, we’re busy getting the job done.

Principles exist for one reason: to drive actions.

We take you through specific exercises designed to teach you and your customers who you are and why you matter. You focus on your business, we focus on executing.

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Where we work.

From the flatlands of Indiana and the rolling hills of Tennessee.

Where the people are great, the food is delicious and there is always something to do. We're a remote team working with clients all over the United States.

Passing through Indianapolis or Nashville? let us know! We'd love to buy you a coffee and chat.

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