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3 Tips To Create Engagement With Your LinkedIn Posts

“Free Linkedin Marketing Tools”…But There’s a Catch

Google “LinkedIn marketing ideas” and I guarantee you’ll get a million responses. The problem is, they’ll all be from businesses that want you to spend money with them. They’re probably offering a free trial of their marketing tool. Or they’re showing you how you can get started with LinkedIn marketing efforts, but as soon as you’re ready to start, it turns out you have to pay for their services.

Sometimes you just want to get some marketing done without spending (that much) money. Isn’t it exhausting how every “helpful” marketing article or tool you find only really works if you pay for it? I mean, come on! We’re not made of money, are we?

We’re just as tired of the “helpful” guys as you are, so this is the first part in a series of posts we’re sharing about how you can use LinkedIn to route traffic to your website in order to generate new business.


How to Use LinkedIn like a Marketing Platform

There are so many sales gurus and salespeople on LinkedIn that it’s hard to see that LinkedIn is actually a marketing platform. No really, it’s true, LinkedIn is not a sales platform, it’s a marketing platform. When I say marketing platform, I mean that the best way to get results from LinkedIn is:

  1. Deliver value for free.
  2. Then indirectly offer ways for those in your network to dive deeper with your business.

Now that I’ve established on a high level how you should be using LinkedIn, let’s dive into the specifics:

The LinkedIn Marketing Funnel

Once you’ve implemented strong marketing tactics, LinkedIn can be the sole platform at the top of your marketing funnel. It’s a fantastic way to generate website traffic, form new relationships, and offer real value to people who will potentially buy from you.

But, just like any kind of marketing, you have to be consistent and patient. You’re not going to generate post/page engagement right away and it will certainly be a while before you start seeing website traffic. Before you can really start to get results, you must lay a solid foundation.

Here are my top three tips to get you started on generating traffic from LinkedIn marketing.

  1. Start With High-Impact, Visually Engaging Posts
  2. Use Emojis
  3. Share Actionable Information

Tip #1: Start With Experiential, Personally Engaging Posts

This is the most effective way you can start getting attention on LinkedIn: write meaningful, engaging, and visually captivating posts. We’re all just people, right? All work on LinkedIn and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

It’s important to get personal on your LinkedIn, don’t just focus on posts about business. It is a “social” network after all.

Tell your story, share your experiences and blend a little personality into your posts. It’s good practice to try to post one meaningful, valuable post every day. Try to make 3 business-related posts and 2 personal posts every week. That way you’re not overwhelming your audience with only work-related information.

Here is an example of a recent post of mine. (This post was completely unrelated to marketing or work!) It was the continuation of a 2-part post I shared about how I removed caffeine from my diet and the huge difference it made in my life.

This kind of information may seem irrelevant, but in many cases, this personal, story-like content will connect with your LinkedIn audience far better than the usual posts on how they can do [insert your service you want them to buy here] better.


Tip #2: Use Emojis

A lot of folks have an issue with emojis. Well, it’s time to put that aside! Whatever your personal feelings about emojis are, the reality is: emojis are the best way to 👋 grab attention 👋 in our hyper-visual world (like those little wave-y hands just did).

Maybe you’re asking yourself: how do I get emojis if I post to LinkedIn using my computer? Well, I use a website called It is a searchable database of emojis that you can quickly copy and paste into your posts!


Once you select an emoji, all you have to do is click the “copy” button and you can then paste it in anywhere on LinkedIn.


Play around with emojis on your LinkedIn profile, in your posts, and even in messages that you send to other LinkedIn users.

Now, I’m not saying that using an emoji every time you feel like it is a good idea. There are definitely folks who get carried away 🐟🦅 with them. For example, I don’t recommend putting emojis on either side of your name or adding 3 emojis in a row at the end of every sentence.

Below is an example of a tasteful way to use emojis in your posts:


The emojis catch the eye of people scrolling through LinkedIn and help format your post!

Tip #3: Share Actionable Information

My final tip for beginning to strengthen your LinkedIn marketing is by sharing actionable information. Giving away information that your audience can act upon immediately is a great way to start growing your engagement. Who doesn’t want to engage with a post that encourages them to do something positive? Their engagement is seen by their own network as them taking a positive step in their life/business—or simply agreeing with that action.

It’s how social media works: we share ideas, processes, tutorial videos, and even personal experiences that someone else can then take and share, appreciate, or immediately apply to their own life!


One of the biggest mistakes people make is feeling like they must always have some sort of funnel in place to direct people to a landing page or capture an email address. Like I mentioned before, these are real-life people using LinkedIn. They can tell if you are trying to constantly sell products or services to them, and they will begin to ignore or even disconnect from your presence on LinkedIn.

🔑 When you share valuable or personal content simply for the sake of helping, you establish rapport and trust with your audience. This increases engagement and makes them much more likely to respond when you do share some sort of invitation to dive deeper into your business!

Go! Get Started on LinkedIn Marketing.

The best time to start is now. Don’t worry about having your profile perfectly optimized, or spending a ton of time planning out your posts in advance. You have value—whether it’s personal anecdotes or trade wisdom—to share with your connections right now, so share!

Get intentional with your time on LinkedIn, make it count and have a purpose for what you’re doing. Engagement takes time and patience to build, so don’t start trying to get things out of your audience just because you’ve been posting for a month. Plan to do nothing but share value and give away information for at least 6 months before you start sprinkling in invitations to engage with your business. The law of reciprocity is real, but you have to be the first mover.

Give without expectation, you will see results in time.

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