Your blog, Facebook page and email campaigns won't do you any good unless you create content people love.

Leverage "Content Marketing" to Grow Your Business and Sell More Stuff

How To Create Content that Attracts Your Ideal Prospects

“Content Marketing is all the Marketing that’s left.” ~ Seth Godin

I was once speaking with a business owner about using YouTube to market his services. He had a custom wood shop and did amazing work. I knew if he started making videos of his woodworking process they would attract folks who wanted wood products like the ones he made.

I’ll never forget his response:

“Won’t they just watch what I’m doing and then go do it themselves?”


Here’s what I said, “let me get this straight. There’s a person who wants to buy their wife a 4’x4’ piece of wall art made from solid walnut, carved with a detailed image of elephants in the savannah. This person is looking for woodworkers who can create this beautiful work of art.

In the course of their search, they find your website and they see that you have a gallery of videos showing how you do your work.

What you’re telling me is that because they watch three or four 20-minute videos of your process, they’re going to go buy a $3,000 CNC machine, all the necessary computer software, a giant slab of walnut, and make this massive piece of art themselves??”


Obviously, that’s ridiculous. This is the point. Content marketing, when done correctly, does the opposite of what this business owner thought. Instead of making your prospects more likely to do it themselves, true content marketing reveals the true complexities of your craft.

At it’s best, content marketing pulls back the curtain on what many consider to be a simple or easy task. It attracts your potential customers to you because you are proving that you know how to solve their problem.

This is how you create content that attracts. Find the problems that your customers are tying to solve, then prove to them that you know how to solve them.

Create content that solves a problem. Without you.

Okay, so we’ve found problems that our prospects and customers are trying to solve. We know how to attract them to our blog. Next, we need to understand how to convert them once they get there.


Just like the business owner who was afraid to show his potential customers how he did his woodworking, many business owners are terrified of the idea of “giving away the farm,” so to speak. This is shortsighted and the very reason why almost no business have real content marketing efforts in place.

In addition to proving that you know how to solve problems, content marketing is also the process of teaching your prospects to solve their problems without you. This definition is important because I’m not explaining HOW to content to market, I’m explaining WHAT content marketing is.

In order for marketing to deserve the title “content marketing” it has to actually provide enough detailed information that your prospects could do what you do without you. If it doesn’t accomplish this, it’s not content marketing.

Having a Facebook page is not content marketing.

The existence of a blog does not equal content marketing.

Sending out emails from Mailchimp does not equal content marketing.

Those are simply tools that are available to help you marketing content. True content marketing is a mindset — not an activity.

If you want your content to convert, you’re going to have to overwhelm your prospects until they drown in information.


This is the simple reality of creating content that converts. Once your prospect sees just how much effort is going to be necessary in order to solve their problem without you, they will gladly pay you instead.

You know this is true from your own experience.

How many times have you looked up a video on fixing your car or your dryer. You get 4 minutes into the video and say “screw this, I’m calling somebody.”

This principle is no different in your business. You solve a problem. Your prospects need to know that you can really solve that problem. Prove you can solve the problem by sharing EVERYTHING they need to solve it themselves. They will quickly tap out and hit the “chat” button on your website.

This is how you create content that converts.

Putting Attraction and Conversion Together

Really, these are just two sides of the same coin, I’m simply clarifying how each of these aspects of content marketing work together.

It’s very simple to start attracting and converting website traffic right now. Start creating content that solves your prospect’s problems without you.

If you run all your content through that lens, you will start to develop truly powerful, magnetic, and converting content.

Good luck!

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