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Sales and Relationships

What it means to give value — Joshua Desha

Josh Desha has been selling in some capacity for most of his career. Whether he was running his own company or selling for someone else, Josh has been obsessed with doing the right thing and giving value.

With so many “sales gurus” trying to tell you how to sell (hint: they’re usually super wrong) it’s nice to hear a refreshing take on the REAL way to bring value as a salesperson and build relationships.

Join us this episode as we discuss:

  • What it means to “give value.”
  • How salespeople can behave like humans, especially in this “new” economic landscape.
  • How salespeople can avoid looking disingenuous.
  • How leaders can practice what they preach during times of crisis.


Meaningless giveaways are getting old

Most free advice has been done before. Most ideas have been shared a million times. The real value is in implementation and how you actually get things done.

Keep going and don’t worry!

Especially in sales it’s easy to start worrying. Change is scary, but things always work out in the end!

Build Relationships and Trust

Sales is broken. People don’t buy from people who bother them. People buy from people they trust. Stop focusing on volume and bothering people and start building relationships.

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Joshua Desha

Director of Channel Partnership @ FirstStarHR

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