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How machine learning make us more human

A.I. is a good thing with Morgan Llewellyn

Today we talk with Morgan Llewellyn about how AI helps not just big companies, but also small business owners. “Artificial Intelligence” is a tool that helps us be more human and do better work and not about putting people out of work. AI eliminates the mundane tasks that waste our time so that we can do the things that humans were meant to do.

Some of the things we cover:

  • A data scientist’s approach to the digital transformation and business
  • AI makes us more human
  • Economy and behavior: What will the new normal look like?

Predictive Partner is a leading data science firm that solves critical business problems. Leveraging predictive analytics, data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, Predictive Partner achieves transformational business results for its clients. A team-based model with experienced Ph.D. data scientists allows clients to deploy and scale their data strategies with low risk and high dependability.

Photo of Morgan Llewellyn

Morgan Llewellyn

CEO @ Predictive Partner

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