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Serving is part of being human

Learn to Serve Before You Sell with Townsend Wardlaw

In this episode of Humans of LinkedIn, Townsend Wardlaw joins us to discuss how to serve first, then sell, how selling can be easy, and how to put your customers first.

  • You’re not going back to work as soon as you think
  • What is the future of white collar business
  • WHAT should people be doing with their time right now if they have nothing to do

Serve you customers first (you won’t regret it)

Spend time finding out what you can do to help your customers RIGHT NOW. Give it away for free. Help them solve their problems! When you help people you build credibility and relationships.

Selling is easy

Why do people struggle with sales? The problem with sales is what is on the inside. The real challenge is not what sales people are doing but how they see themselves.

Don’t be afraid to show off your kids

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Townsend Wardlaw

Transformation and Leadership Coach @ The TW Group

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