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If you're not transparent, you're not being human

Marketing Should Be Transparent with Clint Hankinson

Today we talk with Clint Hankinson, the Director of Marketing over at iToLogy, a non-profit helping and encouraging more people get into the IT field. From summer camps to field trips they helping people of all ages learn more about careers in technology.

We talk about what it means to be transparent with your marketing team and how new technology helps us track data and be better job when it comes to measuring success.

  • Patience in Marketing
  • Goals and Accountability
  • Transparency in Marketing

Smoke and mirrors to make it look like you’re doing more than you are or you’re blaming others for your own faults.

“To be transparent means you care.”

Photo of Clint Hankinson

Clint Hankinson

Director of Marketing @ iT-oLogy

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