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Transform work with Linkedin — Cher Jones

Cher Jones has been working in personal branding and corporate social media since 2013. In technology terms, that’s like 50 years!

In today’s professional landscape, LinkedIn cannot be ignored. Whether you’re job hunting, running your own company, looking to change careers, or simply making it known that you exist, presenting yourself right on LinkedIn is essential.

Join us as we discuss personal branding on LinkedIn with Cher Jones. In this episode we cover:

  • Is LinkedIn really worth it?
  • What does it mean to create a personal brand in 2020?
  • How can LinkedIn users do to get access to LinkedIn Live?
  • What are the biggest mistakes you’re making on LinkedIn right now?

Is Linkedin really worth it?

You have to change your mindset about Linkedin. It’s not just about finding a job, it more about building relationships and growing your network.

Don’t be forgotten

Linkedin isn’t just sales and marketing people. Create relationships with everyone so people know what you do and you can help them when the moment is right.

Quit your “niching”

It’s easy to start thinking ahead in your business, but you have to build experience and grow into your niche. Take your time, work hard and before you know it, you’ll know the work you want to do.

Photo of Cher Jones

Cher Jones

Corporate Social Media Trainer @ Socially Active Training

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