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What's New in Digital Advertising for 2020 with Justin Whitaker

In this episode of Humans of LinkedIn, Justin Whitaker joins us to discuss how brick and mortar stores can make the move to online commerce, how to include Google maps in your marketing, and how Pinterest ads are a great place to spend your digital ad budget.

Here are some things we cover:

  • How to take advantage of online commerce
  • Options for brick-and-mortar stores making the shift to e-commerce
  • The benefits of using Pinterest ads
  • Facebook is giving businesses more organic visibility
  • Facebook is offering a grant for small businesses to run ads.

The shift in brick and mortar

Google and Facebook have made changes to the way content is shown in search and in news feeds. Make sure you take advantage of this opportunity to leverage your social media presence.

Marketing on Google Maps in 2020

Location management has shifted, so how do you market? Let your customers know you’re open, you deliver or ways you’re still providing services despite the restrictions caused by corona-virus.

E-commerce ads on Pinterest

Pinterest may be the next best place to start marketing to you customers. Justin shares what you need to know about digital marketing on Pinterest vs. Facebook and Google.

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Justin Whitaker

Director of Marketing @ Trellis

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