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Your business is too important to waste
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Real marketing isn't smoke and mirrors. Know where your money is going.

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You don't have to be at the mercy of Facebook or Google Ads.
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Tier 1
The Stargazer

$2,000/mo 3 month minimum

  • 3 blogs/mo
  • 4 marketing emails/mo
  • 5 hrs consulting & development/mo

Tier 2
The Astronomer

$5,000/mo 3 month minimum

  • 6 blogs/ mo
  • 4 marketing emails/mo
  • 10 hrs consulting & development/mo
  • Skymouse Website

Tier 3
The Astronaut

$9,500/mo 3 month minimum

  • 10 blogs/mo
  • 4 marketing emails/mo
  • Skymouse Website
  • Website management
  • 1 Landing page/mo
  • LinkedIn funnel development

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