Finding the way to Exodus

Exodus 90, a non-profit spiritual program for men, needed help wrangling their digital marketing. Skymouse helped them launch new landing pages quickly, explore new marketing campaigns and improve their website to boost sign-ups and increase donations.

Beginning the journey

Exodus 90 is a 90 day spiritual exercise for Catholic men. Exodus 90 helps men to detach from technology, ditch bad habits, and grow in their faith.

Exodus 90 asked us to help redesign, develop and maintain to make it easier to use and reach more users.

With thousands of new registrations happening each year, the site is a huge driver of growth. We worked closely with Director James Baxter and his team, both on-site and off-site, to improve conversion and better communicate the brand.

By making the site comprehensive, easy to navigate and user focused, the redesign aims to increase the impact of Exodus 90 around the world.


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