Websites made effortless.

Launch a professionally crafted website for your small business in 30 days and with 2 hours of your time.

"The redesign process was seamless and the end product has already produced fantastic results."
Alex Soucy, Director @ Crossroads4Christ

"It was so easy to communicate, and a much faster process that I've gone through in the past. I highly recommend Patrick and the whole Skymouse team!"
Kellie Andrews, Founder @ AIM CEO Group

"It was really great working with Skymouse! He did a great job of taking my input, but also interjecting his professional knowledge & experience & the result was great!"
Victoria Tripiano, Owner @ IN GOOD ORDER

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Websites don't have to be a nightmare.

There’s no reason building a website has to have the appeal of an axe murderer killing your family at gun-point with a knife.

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website in a computer with lines and post its


website with a clock on it


We make it stupid easy to get started with a website.

All in 30 days and with 2 hours of your time.​

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pledge to fitness website in a laptop

Effortless Process.

We’ll guide you
through each step.

clara rojos pledge to fitness

“Skymouse Studios offers a great professional team. Their fees are reasonable, and the quality of their services is outstanding.”
Clara Rojas, COO @ Pledge To Fitness

ablaze ministries website in a laptop

High-quality sites.

Your content will be
clear and concise.

matt rice ablaze ministries

“Their process is thorough and it is obvious that they listen well in the discovery stage because there are very few edits once they put their draft in place. I love working with them and am confident you will too!”
Matt Rice, Director @ Ablaze Ministries

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blue eclipse website in a laptop

Creatively yours.

Your site will look professional and clean.

craig tieman blue eclipse

“I’m very pleased with the website page design which they developed and the value provided. I will definitely use them again.”
Craig Tieman, CEO @ Blue Eclipse

cutter consulting website in a laptop

A trusted team.

Say goodbye to
WordPress woes.

jason cutter cutter consulting

“They took my mostly home-made, text heavy, complicated business webpage and redid it in a way that was unique to my brand and message while keeping visitors focused on getting in touch with me.”
Jason Cutter, Owner @ Cutter Consulting

Skymouse One-page Magic.

Everything you need to succeed on the web.

One page makes things crystal clear.

You and all your new customers will love it.

Two pleasant hours
 of your time.

We handle the writing, the design, & everything else!

30 days from start to finish.

Get started sooner with your team at Skymouse.

Effortless to maintain.

We keep your site fresh and manage any improvements.

"I endorse Skymouse Studios and their business approach to take this off business owners hands to allow them to focus on their business.
Paul McCoy Owner @ Tidal Coach

"They got to know us and our business and then built a website that accurately reflected the brand we wanted to convey. Skymouse Studios is top notch!"
Brian Vogel, Co-Founder @ Sensible HR

"We loved working with Skymouse Studios! Quality work and great communication throughout the entire process. Would definitely recommend them!"
Angie Ross, Co-Owner @ 31Four

“AMAZING PEOPLE! They not only created a new and improved website but also taught me along the way. Both gentlemen were QUICK to respond and easy to work with.” 10/10 recommend!
leia hunt from leias kids
Leia Hunt

Founder, Leia's Kids

A website for those who hustle.

Engage warp speed.

In 5 simple steps we'll get you from idea to a beautiful finished website.

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Step 1

Discovery call

We have a 30-60 minute call with you. You brain dump all your passion and expertise and we take a million notes.

Step 2

We write the content.

We'll tell the story of your beautiful organization in carefully chosen words that future clients will delight in as they scroll.

Step 3

We design the page.

Now it's time to craft something so visually stunning, even the hungriest dopamine fiend will be spellbound. We'll ask your opinion (mostly just to hear your ooh's and aah's) and finalize the design.

Step 4

We build the page.

Here's where the magic happens. What has, up to this point, been nothing but a twinkle in Patrick's eye will take shape on the all-encompassing "internet." Things are coming together!

Step 5


Murphy’s Law has been modified for websites, but it reads similarly. “Anything that can break between design and development will break." Here’s where we play whack-a-mole with glitches, typos, hosting issues and WordPress kerfuffles.

Pull the lever Kronk!


Finally, the moment we've all been waiting for! All the bugs have been sprayed with Raid, all the glitches got stitches, and we're ready to throw a hoolie (we've heard it's an Irish term for party) to celebrate!

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Launch a website you love in 30 days.

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