Website Speed Optimization Guide for Beginners

speed up your website with skymouse studios

Why Having a Fast Website Is Important In this article, I’m going to show you why your site is slow, how to understand a speed test report, and website speed optimization tips that you can do yourself or hire someone to do for you. I’m a huge advocate for making your website fast because it’s […]

One page website examples for small businesses

One page website examples

These one page website examples show how you can very effectively reach customers as a small business without the giant, bloated websites that are far too common. It’s really tempting to imitate competition. Chances are good your competition is imitating someone else too. So you end up imitating the imitation of an imitation—and in the […]

Best Google Business Profile Website Alternatives

Google announced they’ll be shutting down Google Sites starting here in March of 2024, leaving a lot of small businesses without the website they probably depend on and looking for google website alternatives. If you were using Google sites, honestly I get it. Websites can get expensive! Many agencies will charge somewhere between $5,000 and […]