One page website examples for small businesses

One page website examples

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These one page website examples show how you can very effectively reach customers as a small business without the giant, bloated websites that are far too common. It’s really tempting to imitate competition. Chances are good your competition is imitating someone else too. So you end up imitating the imitation of an imitation—and in the end you lose sight of what your customers actually want or need!

Talk to your customers. Find out the real needs and struggles. Don’t do something just because everyone else is doing it.

I find this happens with a lot of websites, people use a bunch of jargon they hear from “industry experts,” but what they don’t think about is that most customers don’t know any of the industry jargon, they just want the job done.

People generally don’t really care about the technicalities of the service, customers care about results: (i.e. safety is the end result many people want from any tree work they may hire out.)

1. Tree service / arborist website example

Tree service / arborist one page screenshot

Messaging Emphasis: Safety for the ones you love.

For Boniface Arbor Works, we focused on the benefits of getting your trees inspected and pruned. From his conversations with clients, the owner noticed many of his best customers were worried about the safety of their house and children.

So when creating the messaging for the site we underscored the importance of tree safety.

P.S. If you’re in the greater Chattanooga area, Boniface Arbor Works does fantastic work!

2. Autobody / restoration shop one page website example

Autobody / restoration shop one page website

Messaging Emphasis: Bring a car you love to life.

Baxter Auto didn’t have any web presence. Especially if the team was attending a conference or car show, they needed a place to send any customers looking for autobody services.

Their emphasis was their streamlined process and clear pricing, something that isn’t easy to find in their industry. We launched their one page website and they were off to the races.

3. Title company website example

Title company one page website example

Messaging Emphasis: Close with confidence

Meadow Creek Title and Guarantee was a new title company out of Knoxville, Tennessee. They weren’t going to settle for limited free Google Business Profile website. They were hoping for a fresh, clean look that brought clarity to an oftentimes confusing industry.

This is site was is my favorite of the one page website examples. We honed their messaging to help web visitors understand the value of communication through the closing process. The one page site looks great and is helping their business get off the ground!

P.S. If I lived in Knoxville I would 100% use Meadow Creek Title for all my title work.

4. Non-profit example website

Non-profit example one page website

Messaging Emphasis: Give hope to children

Glimmer of Hope was struggling with a website that had been added on to many times and now felt disjointed.

Less is more! We scrapped the pointless pages on the site and overhauled the homepage messaging to help donors and families alike understand how they can get involved and make a difference in the lives of kids with cancer.

P.S. You can buy a bald doll for a child struggling with cancer via our friends at A Glimmer of Hope.

5. Kombucha brewery one page website example

Kombucha brewery one page website example

Emphasis: A healthy way to refresh

Chattanooga Kombucha Company was ready to transition from a very basic website, to a website that showed what made them different from their competition. Especially in a world where most people don’t really know what Kombucha is, they had some explaining to do.

Their one-page website emphasized the importance of gut health and how Kombucha is a much better option that sugary and alcoholic beverages.

P.S. You can get yourself Chattanooga Kombucha in any of these locations around Chattanooga!

6. Roofing company website

Roofing company one page website

Emphasis: Get a roof that lasts

East Carolina Metal Roofing hadn’t made changes to their website in 8 years and things were getting out of hand. Their site was bloated with jargon and didn’t really explain what they offered their customers.

We jumped right in and cut to the heart of their services: helping home-owners and businesses get the best gutters and roofs money can buy. They were so happy with their new one page website.

P.S. Get a quote on your roof or gutter job in the Outer Banks here!

7. Low vision services example website

Low vision services example one page website

Emphasis: Live more fully

Mountain View Low Vision Services offers products to people struggling with their vision. But their website was extremely difficult to read and navigate!

Together we re-wrote all the homepage content so it drilled home exactly what you can expect from the team at MVLVS. We also used a very easy-to-read font and kept the headlines short and simple for any users who may struggle to read without assistance.

P.S. Contact our friends at MVLVS if there’s something you need to help with your low vision!

I designed these one page website examples!

At Skymouse, I believe everyone should be able to communicate with clarity. Clarity isn’t achieved if you bombard people with information! If you’d like to learn more about what makes a great website, please check out our free webinar: Websites made clear: the three core elements of a great website.